Own the Frame, Change the Game

What if creating breakthrough business success was as simple as changing your frame of reference?


Wednesday May 1, 2013 4pm to 7pm

illuminarium presents OWN THE FRAME, CHANGE THE GAME

with guest presenter, author and brand expert,  John Marshall Roberts 

828 Ralph McGill Boulevard Suite W5
Atlanta, Georgia 30306


Join a community of respected peers for this exclusive event on the urgency of Framing in order to resonate in today’s cluttered and time-challenged marketing landscape. Internationally acclaimed thought leader and applied behavioral scientist John Marshall Roberts will share from his bestselling book “Igniting Inspiration” and Worldview Thinking research, to deliver fresh new strategies for creating frames that deliver transformative business success.

Worldview-ThinkingThis event consists of a 1- hour presentation and 1 – hour Q & A session that will help you:

  • See how Fortune 100 execs and disruptive social entrepreneurs around the world are using strategic framing to increase revenue, improve market positioning and defy skeptics
  • Think big and master of the art of framing to thrive in today’s global, digitally connected “anything goes” economy
  • Understand how to re-frame your own unique talents and gifts to unleash innovation, win hearts and inspire radical engagement in your organization

This is a seated event; there are only 24 seats available. Please RSVP to jjung@illuminarium.us today.

This event is brought to our invitees compliments of Worldview Thinking and Culture. Complimentary beverages and light food will be provided.

About The Presenter

john-marshall-robertsJohn Marshall Roberts is a behavioral scientist with a focus on innovation and behavior change. An acclaimed communication expert and outspoken advocate for sustainable business, John is founder of Worldview Thinking, a strategic consultancy with a single focus: to help forward-thinking organizations drive change through scientifically-grounded human insights.

As first articulated in his breakthrough 2008 book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries,” John’s Worldview Thinking™ framework has now been successfully used by hundreds of leaders and organizations worldwide. To make the framework easily accessible for decision makers, in 2010 John developed the Roberts Worldview Assessment (RWA) – a breakthrough psychometric index that measures what really matters for winning hearts and minds among even the most die-hard skeptics.

A dynamic and popular speaker within the sustainable business community, John has been invited to share his research by variety of leading global for profit, non-profit and governmental organizations including the US White House, Unilever, 3M, Sprint, Sustainable Brands, Distributed Energy Financial Group, American Association of Advertising Agencies, IABC, Steelcase, Time Warner, Presidio, UCLA, TEDx, Johnson and Johnson, Sustainable Brands, General Mills, Royal Plunket Society, Minimonos, and the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

To the chagrin of his academic colleagues, John spent his early career in New York and Los Angeles, escaping his behavioral science background in pursuit of his dual passions as a writer and professional musician. As fate would have it, John’s scientific training eventually caught up with him, colliding with his unique talent for self-expression through the discovery and articulation of his Worldview Thinking™ framework.