What Is illuminarium?
illuminarium is a community and private event space to think and to challenge conventional thinking. Located in the popular Poncey Highland/Old Fourth Ward area of Atlanta, Georgia, illuminarium is a place where big ideas are discussed and shifts in perception are initiated. Guests are invited to check their mobile devices and their notions of what is possible at the door while they immerse themselves in a creative zone of inspiration and enlightenment. Think boutique hotel bar meets renaissance workshop.

How Do I Use It?
illuminarium contains distinct areas for discussion, breakout sessions and hands-on workshops. Each area has been thoughtfully constructed to stimulate guests while they enjoy the hospitality befitting a high-end restaurant or lounge.  Workshop zones feature various tables shapes and heights, from bar-height round-table work areas to rectangular tables that are infinitely configurable. Areas for active ideation are footsteps away from areas designed for salon style conversations with comfortable low seating areas to encourage more relaxed dialogue and free-form thought. Common uses include:

  • Off-Site Corporate Meetings and Retreats
  • Leadership Strategy Sessions, Business Reviews, Key Client Planning Meetings
  • Ideation and Innovation Summits
  • Business Seminars
  • Board Meetings
  • Product Innovation Sessions
  • Client/Customer Appreciation Events
  • Creative Solution Development Sessions
  • Cultural Immersion Sessions
  • Insight Immersion and Analysis Sessions
  • Film, TV, and Video Shoots

How Many People Can Be Accommodated?
Seating for 30 in all work zones is available. Up to 20 people can be seated together in the main workshop room. Larger groups can be accommodated for receptions, networking events, etc.

How Much Does It Cost? 
The standard rate is $2,000/day, which includes everything from all day use of the facility, parking, WiFi, A/V, beverages, snacks, coffee, and dry erase supplies. Only catered meals are additional if/as needed and can be priced upon request. We also offer a 30% discount for non-profit organizations.

Why Should I Use It?
illuminarium is your one-stop solution where creative productivity is designed into every facet of our offering. Our open and thoughtfully designed environment is a refreshing change from they typical meeting venue,  stimulating collaboration and idea-generation. We make it painless to conduct your team meeting or ideation session; We don’t track your coffee or tea usage, how many refills you had, how many flip charts you’ve used or whether or not you need easel or AV equipment – it’s all here and it’s all included. You get one bill with a flat fee (+ catering) and every amenity is included.  Consider these benefits:

  • Designed to inspire and facilitate high-level strategic thinking in a neutral and energetic off-campus, purpose-built facility
  • Extensive curated  library
  • Art and artifact collections stimulate thought while clearly indicating that you are in a zone designed as a canvas for your creativity
  • Five distinct work areas for multiple team activities
  • Massive dry-erase walls encourage big thinking without constraints
  • Unlimited high-speed wireless Internet included
  • Mobile A/V system with video conferencing capability and Apple TV built in
  • Projector and presentation advancer
  • Complete kitchen with glassware and full beverage service available to attendees
  • Award winning catering partners provide whole, healthy, delicious meals for any time of day and for even the most discerning palates
  • Ask about our roster of talented in-house and contract facilitators
  • Personalized attention unmatched by any standard hotel, restaurant or meeting venue