• Welcome to illuminarium

    Welcome to illuminarium

    Space to collaborate, innovate, and challenge conventional thinking.

    illuminarium is designed to inspire your team to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Thoughtfully Designed for Team Strategy & Planning Sessions

    Thoughtfully Designed for Team Strategy & Planning Sessions

    Multiple action areas designed for exploration, inspiration, creation and strategic planning.

  • Open Floor Plan

    Open Floor Plan

    Encourages movement from one zone to another during creative ideation.

  • Expansive Media Installation

    Expansive Media Installation

    Includes a library of historical volumes combined with some of the most culturally relevant books of the last century.

  • High-End Hospitality

    High-End Hospitality

    Customizable menus focus on locally sourced, healthy and delicious food and beverages. Wrap up your day with complimentary happy hour on-site, or walk to multiple top restaurants and bars.

  • Large Collaborative Work Tables

    Large Collaborative Work Tables

    Reclaimed wood tables coupled with large dry erase walls foster collaborative thinking and creative exploration.

Designed for Thought Leaders

Five Distinct Work Zones

View from front

Conversational Seating Areas

low seating area

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